901.289.6281                                                     info@donnablackard.com REPRESENTED BY Bio Paintings Faux Finishes Sculptures Home MEDIA LINKS Welcome to my collection of creative expressions.  I hope you enjoy perusing these photos of paintings, sculptures, and faux finishing projects. With my Paintings, I hope that viewers will experience a wealth of emotion and a connection to something outside of their immediate world.  Through my layering process, I strive for a presentation of richness, depth and contrast. With my Sculptures, I am drawn to the textures, layers and finishes of the objects I incorporate into my pieces.  Each object selected has its own history and brings new life to the sculpture.  I use these objects to create a story or an idea. With my Faux Finishing  projects, I enjoy working with clients to create a look that uniquely enhances their environment. New Work Click To Enlarge