Bio Paintings Faux Finishes Sculptures New Work Click To Enlarge Home 901.289.6281                                            If you live in Memphis, it's hard to not be in awe of the Great Mississippi River.  I've always been intrigued by bodies of water and how they change the shape of our environments.  So, this year I created a new series that is based on the topography maps of the Mississippi River as it travels through Memphis and its surrounding areas.  I studied antique maps dating back to the 1800’s and then began my own interpretations.  Each piece is named after a reference term used by geologists to describe various natural occurrences in our waterways such as Confluence, Oxbow and Island Formations.   I feel it's important to acknowledge these natural elements and how they impact our lives. New Work This new series was also inspired by a line of greeting cards.  You know the ones - there’s a black and white photo on the front of a family snapshot and the captions are always something like “Norma did not want to leave the party before Ira.”  I love these.  They open your imagination up to fill in the story line.  As I selected the various items to create the collages, their stories unfolded. Some of my stories started with ideas about the escapades of Ira, Consquela, and Milton.